Survey Results

We developed a survey to find out more details of what agencies knew about the report and how it influenced their work.  We summarize some of the main findings here, but additional details can be found in interactive supplements below.

Survey Result 1

Who responded?

We obtained responses from agencies representing 30 different states. The majority of agencies who responded were municipal agencies, and a large proportion of respondents came from the state of New York.

Survey Result 2

Were they familiar with the report?

The responding agencies tended to be familiar with the report, with about 50% reporting that they were either very familiar or extremely familiar with the report. Those who were familiar with the report, also tended to find the report to be more important.

Survey Result 3

When and how quickly did they adopt the recommendations?

We asked agencies to tell us whether they had adopted a series of specific recommendations made by the report, and if so, what year they adopted the recommendation. We found that the recommendations were being steadily adopted in the years leading up to the report. Among the agencies responding to our survey, the report did not appear to create additional momentum in the adoption of these recommendations.

Interactive Supplements

Additional Details

This is just a snapshot findings from the survey. Interested readers can dig into additional details at our interactive visualizations, or download the data to do their own analyses. 

Cover Photo Source: Arizona Police Department,